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dont worry ratings mean nothing plenty of kids that did not attend any inside lacrosse events better then some of those 4 star rated players lists are bs and college coaches know that my son did not attend any showecases and was recuited pretty quick

Same here. My older son did not play for Express, 91 or Igloo and did not even attend prospect camps but had many calls on September 1 with offers. Some Ivy League offers ahead of ranked players from top teams. He did not have a ranking either. Never attended those events to get the ranking. I believe if you want a ranking you could pay for it at this point. Best advice would be to make sure your son fills out each college he is interested in questionnaire which you can find online. Also send a video with an email to each coach of the college he is interested in. Despite the luck that my son had It is good to go to Prospect camps if they will be holding them.

Good luck.