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College Rule Changes for 2011/2012

2009/2010 Rule Book and Interpretations (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
Posted By: Anonymous Re: US Lacrosse Men's Rules - 02/22/11 09:13 PM
Mostly cosmetic but increased emphasis and definition on legal body checking (to remove checking with or to the head from the game) as well as a refinement of the slashing call.

5-6-3 - Slashing shall include striking an opponent on any part of the body with the crosse (including its cap end), except when done by a player in the act of passing, shooting or attempting to scoop the ball.

Not sure if this prohibits checking of a player who is cradling the ball and not "in the act of passing, shooting or attempting to scoop the ball".

The wording of that rule is very interesting. It seems as if there is not hitting the player with the stick while dodging. If that is true that is a tragic blow to a physical game at the High School Level.

Also, I read it as the player who would be doing the slashing will not be called if they are passing or scooping, if a player's follow-through on a pass that whacks an opponent over the head
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