Posted By: Laximus Goalie wanted for Gladiators 2019 - 02/11/12 01:02 PM
The Gladiators are looking for a goalie for their 5th grade team. If you are interested, please check out our program by clicking the Gladiators link on the BOTC club island. Or you can email the program coordinators directly at gladiatorslacrosse@gmail.com.
Posted By: Laximus Re: Goalie wanted for Gladiators 2019 - 03/21/12 02:36 PM
Gladiator Lacrosse 2019 is looking for a goalie. We play in the Oyster Bay Lacrosse League and several tournaments, local and travel. If your interested in a cost effective, competitive team - contact us at gladiatorslacrosse@gmail.com or visit our web page gladiatorslacrosse.com
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