Posted By: BoardLord Introducing BOTC's College Board - 10/26/10 01:09 AM
Back of the Cage is pleased to present our college recruitment discussion board. Some of the topics that BOTC Industries intends to cover during the Spring 2011 season includes:
  • contacting coaches,
  • profile creation,
  • guest playing and changing teams,
  • tournament selection,
  • NCAA rules and regulations,
  • NCAA division selection,
  • team selection,
  • showcasing costs,
  • team philosophy,
  • negotiation skills,
  • college athletic scholarships,
  • academic scholarships, and
  • many others.
We sincerely hope that you find our discussions to be valuable to your player, your team, and your family with High School aged players.

By placing our Lacrosse College Discussion on its own board, we hope to continue to develop the shape of our dialogue and specifically invite more parents, coaches and players to participate. BOTC Industries will still allow and encourage anonymous contributions. We believe this is extremely important to lower the barrier for contributors to ask questions.

From a moderator's perspective, the board is slightly different from the main board in that our contributors are all united in a single effort: helping each other arrange the best possible collegiate situation for themselves and their team members. Team competition takes a smaller role here and the spirit of help and assistance will hopefully shine through during the coming months.

BOTC Industries looks forward to your contributions to our new board. Welcome.
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