Posted By: Anonymous Boys 2023-5th Grade Fall 2015 Summer 2016 - 07/22/16 11:06 AM
Hey TOOL... This is now an Empire parent...the only thing ever stated was that these boys/ team is steadily getter better/ improving to the point where they are having fun and becoming competitive as a second year team. YOU use this forum to bash our and other teams to stroke your ego... I respectfully feel that the teams that have been playing together for a while , like the Warriors, Outlaws select, S2S, etc are good teams... However, the gap is narrowing as teams keep building their programs.... That makes good Lacrosse. Now, if you are so inclined to continue on your tirade and focus all of energy and waking nights on an 11 yr old team then you need to lay on a couch and talk to someone...Focus on your own team, if you have one, and I'm sure our paths will cross in the near future....
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