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Excuse the somewhat long post, but the amount of inaccurate information about the YJ in the last two pages of posts is shocking even for this site.

First, team fees for the tournaments sponsored by LI Elite are not $2,000. Primetime Summer Slam $980, LI Elite $950, Primetime Young guns (fall) $1,150 and Clash in CT $950. Pulled the data from their website. Second, there are not six teams per age group, actually, not six in any age group. 2023- 2 teams, 2022- 2 teams, 2021- 3 teams, 2020- 5 teams, 2019- 5 teams, 2018- 3 teams, 2017- 4 teams and 2016- 3 teams. That is an average of 3.5 teams per age group. Pulled the information from their website. So far the prior posters exaggerated both the fees and number of teams per YJ age group by approx. 100%. Third, as an example, the top 2021 team is playing in 8 tournaments this summer. Only 2 are sponsored by the LI Elite group. That means 75% of the tournaments are sponsored by unaffiliated entities (Mid-Atlantic Spring Club Lacrosse Championship, Brine Girls Beach Lax Festival, Lax By The Sea, National Draw, Lax For The Cure, Babylon Lax Blast, Primetime Summer Slam and LI Elite). I am sure YJ get volume discounts, but what business with buying power does not and as you will see later, they are passing on some of that savings. Fourth, the only tournament we will see a YJ team in is the LI Elite event. Based on prior history, we will play teams in 2020 and 2021 to get the most competitive games. That means of the estimated 36 games we will play this summer, less than 10% will be against a YJ team. That is based on the prior two years with the team and playing in similar events again this year. Fifth, the total fees paid for an individual player were $1,635. That includes 12 practices and on average 4.5 games per tournament based on past performance. That equates to $34 per game/practice. We get great coaching and tremendous exposure. Compare the value to any other "elite" club team on LI as I have and it is no contest. In addition to a great head coach from a top high school progam, we have had a great assistant from Fairfield from the start, Fortunato as an additional assistant two years ago, a UVA additional assistant last year and a US U-19 player as an additional assistant this year. Sixth, TW and CR are completely transparent about the events they sponsor, not hidden from their customers in any way, shape or form. They are a business, not sure why so many begrudge their success and profitability, it is the American dream come true. As a customer, I am getting tremendous value for the money spent. One thing to consider on the other side of the coin... If you are only concerned about playing against top competition, pick the 2-3 Fall tournaments that will have it (Lax For The Cure, Prime Time and T3 Faceoff are best). Remember, these and the other 3-4 tourneys are optional and will not hurt your standing if you do not attend.
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