Posted By: bothkidsinlax 2012 CAMPS - 12/31/11 04:53 PM
Can we ask that camps for 2012 start to get posted.....Proplayer has their dates up already... (thank you)

Laxology, Just for Girls Lax, Stony Brook, do not yet have dates up...

Trying to get our tournament dates, lax camp, other camp and vacation plans going...

Thanks to all, and Happy New Year
Posted By: CageSage Re: 2012 CAMPS - 12/31/11 05:24 PM
Please remember that prior to any camp publishing dates or advertising here on BOTC, the organizer is required to contact us.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: 2012 CAMPS - 07/02/12 04:11 PM
I signed my 2nd grader up for a clinic run by Farmingdale Lax Club at Allen Park in Farmingdale. It is supposed to start this Thursday. To date I have not received anything from them regarding start times that were tbd at the time of sign up. Their website is down and I do not know how to contact them. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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