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The Nassau County (Long Island) Lacrosse Officials Association (NCLOA) conducts a Candidates Class for those interested in becoming a NY State certified boys high school lacrosse official. The next class is scheduled for January 2018.

We need new officials starting in 2018 who have AVAILABILITY during the week to work Nassau County BOCES boys public school lacrosse games. This is a great way to continue your love for the game of lacrosse and earn additional income.

Our mission by contract, is with the NY State Public High School Athletic Association and Nassau BOCES and it is to recruit and develop officials to work at the public high school and junior high level.

Due to a high demand, we have a shortage of officials.


Please ONLY APPLY if you're available to work games STARTING AT 4:00 PM ON WEEKDAYS (Monday - Friday). Weekend games are very limited and only at the JV and varsity level.

The class size is limited and any requests to be considered for the upcoming class will be accepted in the order they are received only from Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th.

All applications are done by completing the electronic form on the NCLOA website at under "RECRUITING", filling out the form completely and hitting "SEND".

An acknowledgement that it was successfully sent will then appear. Additional information on what we are looking for in our officials is available by clicking on the "Frequently Asked Questions" link on the same webpage.

No request is held over from year to year. If you were on our waiting list, you must reapply before each upcoming season. All received requests will be acknowledged by e-mail and those accepted for the class will be notified in December.

Please pass along this information to anyone you know that is interested, if they can meet our criteria. Please check out our website for further information.

We are the "Third Team" on the field and this is a way to "Give Back To The Game" that's been so good to so many of us. We are always looking for a few good men!

Many of our officials with dedication, training and several years of experience have gone on to officiate at the collegiate and professional levels. This is where it all began for them.

The "FEW",The "PROUD", The "N.C.L.O.A."

Thank you,

Engin Suvak
NCLOA Secretary
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