BOTC will be debuting our first major new forums since our site launched in November 2010. This new forum is guaranteed to spark new conversations, new opportunities, and more lacrosse!

So, here is the 24-hour challenge to our Wednesday and Thursday readers. Partnering with the Power Shaft, BOTC is running a contest for our readers - we are offering a free Power Shaft t-shirt to each of the two readers who post the best, most complete, and most accurate guess as to what this new forum will be.

One entry per household, offer your best idea as to what type of forum should be added! We look forward to your ideas!

We will post the winners here on BOTC! Good luck!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: BOTC Contest and Launching New Forums on Thursday, June 27th - 06/27/13 09:28 PM
Where do we do it? Right here?
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Where do we do it? Right here?
Sorry - this was a 24-hour challenge and we launched the new forums earlier today. Amazingly, no one took a guess - so the t-shirt giveaway will have to wait for another day!
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