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Girls 2026 Grads - Mid Atlantic Region
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Boys 2028-6th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022
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Girls High School
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Boys High School
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2021-2022 Women's DI-III College Lacrosse Season
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Girls 2024-10th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #342961 07/30/2021 6:48 PM
by TheBackOfTheCage
Use this thread to discuss lacrosse pertaining to Girls 2024 (10th Graders) for the Fall 2021/Summer 2022 season.
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Re: Girls 2024-4th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #367108 Feb 23rd a 07:37 PM
As far as UA 150 goes with YJ, the top kids on the top teams always went to the underclass games and none went to 150. The 150 invites were sent to the top kids as well as the lower half of top team and second team, and that was where the main attendance came from. There was always a very heavy favoritism for YJ players for the UA tryouts and select invite events in the past, but CR may have given that political edge up, as she is now in direct competition with CSE with her own events as she is trying to grab that money for herself. She has had a few failed attempts at these Allstar events in the past, never even coming close to the CSE events, but eventually one of them may stick? Way too many events trying to scare the recruits in full FOMO fashion right now. Hopefully they all fail and become irrelevant and the politics fade and the recruiting playing field levels.
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Re: Girls 2024-4th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #349443 Sep 12th a 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Do any of you parents recall all these ACL tears playing sports , when we were our kids ages? Geesh!! Must be overuse injury!? Maybe we should go back to keeping sports in a season and not freaking year round! Crazy amount of ACL tears

Unfortunately if you’re not playing year round you won’t be seen or recruited given the climate of the recruiting world

Thats completely false. That’s what tournament and club directors tell you to sell their product.
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Re: Girls 2024-4th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #356415 Nov 13th a 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
US Club Rankings out. LMAO. What a joke.
Of course it’s a joke currently, not a big enough sample size, if you’re worried about that now, you’re a joke
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Re: Girls 2024-4th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #360590 Dec 20th a 05:06 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Wow, some of you will never get it. Or should I say you will never admit that your opinion of your daughters lacrosse abilities may not be accurate. It’s not always about connections and politics.

I can attest from a different perspective. From a perspective that is not “sour grapes” or from some overlooked player, or parent of. A perspective from a player (parent) who made all the teams, made all the lists and was one of the most highly recruited in her age group. And absolutely YES, the politics are insane. All the quotes you dismiss above, are at play and hard. My daughter had her choice pretty much anywhere she wanted to go, heavily recruited but never had a political push behind her. Can’t complain because it simply could not have worked out better for her, but seeing and watching all the garbage that went on with a good number of players around her, it really is astounding what goes on. We were very lucky to rise above it all, but I certainly see some of those deserving players getting shafted, and I certainly see the friends and family or head scratchers as you call them. If you think it is a level playing field, and that there are no politics at play, then you have no clue of the big picture and how it all works. Even with amazing skill and talent, kids still need a little luck threading the needle. Good Luck to anyone still having to go through it.

That was our experience as well. There are at least 2-3 players on all the top programs recruiting class that should not be there talent wise. They will never see the field. Connections!!

Here we go again, another delusional parent spewing nonsense.

You state: "There are at least 2-3 players on all the top programs recruiting class that should not be there talent wise." That statement is not accurate at all. The top programs bring in on average 8 recruits per year, do you really believe that the coaches are bringing in 3 of the 8 because of connections and or politics? If that was even close to being true, the "top programs" would not be the top programs for very long.

The best programs are the best programs because they get the best players.

Below are arguably the 10 best programs in the country, these 10 programs are the only programs that finished the season ranked in the Top 20 in each of the past 8 seasons (obviously Penn & Princeton did not compete in 2021). Some of the other top programs would include Notre Dame, Penn State, Duke, JMU, Loyola, Stanford, USC. (i'm guessing the numbers would be similar at these programs.

Below is the number of Freshmen on each teams current roster.

5 - Boston College
8 - North Carolina
7 - Northwestern
10 - Maryland
7 - Syracuse
8 - Princeton
8 - Virginia
10 - Penn
7 - Florida
8 - Stony Brook

Sorry, coaches are not handing out 2 or 3 of their very limited spots to connected players. Coaches are trying to win and they need to bring in the best players in order to do that.

Your comment: "They will never see the field." is pointless, there are players at every program at every level that will never see the field... not really sure what your point was?

The bottom line is that many parents make up excuses as to why their kid didn't get "Ranked" or "make a team" and now many want to use the same excuses as to why their daughter did not get recruited or offered a spot.

Mostly agree, but players in a recruiting class never come in all with equal ability and potential. Not even at the top schools listed above. It's not like every single player on a top 10 program is better than every single player on a top 10-20 roster, or even every player on sub top 20 roster. Keep in mind that some players get very little or no athletic money. Each team gets 12 scholarships and some rosters are 40+ and some are not fully funded. The math doesn't lie even though most lacrosse parents won't admit if their child is technically a walk on or getting minimal money. There are most definitely players getting spots because they are willing to accept no money, and it's really no one else's business. Absolutely nothing wrong with doing that if you can afford it, but the pretending by some that this isn't happening gets annoying. There is no level playing field for anything in life. Focus on what you can control. There are most definitely some cases where players get offered spots because of family prestige and/or connection to school, but that doesn't mean coaches are passing on a better player because the "political offer" is made without much or any scholarship money (if the player is not actually of the caliber to get money at that program).

As far as club and coach connections - yeah, these can be helpful in getting on a coaches radar, but there plenty of players who get offers at top schools and playing time without that. I seriously doubt a top 20 coach is going to pass on a stronger player to appease a club director or coach, even for a top club like YJ. The bigger hurdle is getting on their radar to begin with, but it can be done if the player is good enough. The purpose of club lacrosse is recruiting, so rosters should be 18-20 and playing time should be fairly equal. Players getting limited playing time on their club team need to find a team where they will have more opportunity to be seen in action by coaches.

I do not recall anyone saying that all recruits in a recruiting class "have equal ability or potential". Why are you jumping from "politics and connections" to athletic scholarships? Most lacrosse players are not "walk on's, they are recruited athletes. A true "walk on" is someone who is not recruited but is enrolled at the school and gets a "tryout". Why would you bring the following into the discussion "There are most definitely players getting spots because they are willing to accept no money"? It's out of left field and not relevant to the topic, and I do not think people are pretending it doesn't happen?

BTW, there is no shortage of parents in the lacrosse world who could care less about the cost of university, If coaches were willing to offer a spot to a kid just because the parents were wealthy you would see programs like Duke, Princeton, Stanford etc... have 100 + girls on the roster.

There are not many political appointees or spots for wealthy families on college rosters especially at the more competitive programs. As far as your reference to talent level at Top 10, Top 20 and Sub top 20 programs the reality is that the the vast majority of players at the top programs are stronger than the players at less competitive programs. You will not find many players on non traditional top 20 rosters that would be able to see meaningful playing time at the programs like the ones listed above. If that were not the case, we would see more parity and it would not be the same 15 or so programs always in the Top 20.

Boston College has 5 Freshmen on the roster, how many are there because of politics? Are there no politically connected people who want their daughter to play at BC? Are there no wealthy families who want their kid to play at BC?

All of this nonsense is nothing more than an excuse or self defense mechanism used by parents to explain why their kid didn't receive an offer. Over the years I have heard many excuses i.e. "the club director did nothing to help", "her HS coach is useless", "that school only recruits kids that go to their camp", "They took the other girl because she plays for YJ", "That coach only recruits tall girls" etc... the list goes on and on....

Wow, you're really sensitive about this subject and reading a lot into my post. My point is money is not distributed equally and it's a balancing act for coaches with only 12 scholarships. Players who are willing/able to take a spot with no money will have some opportunities they would not otherwise have, especially if they can get on a coach's radar through some connection. The argument was made that no coach would waste a spot on a player for reasons other than lacrosse ability, but they have some wiggle room to do so. Coaches know there will be some drop off in every class and not every recruit will turn out to be a key contributor. I'm not suggesting they are taking players who are not good and are significantly off in talent and skill from the team as a whole; and yes, some parents make complain and make excuses instead of being realistic.
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Re: Girls 2024-4th Grade Fall 2021/Summer 2022 #367523 Feb 28th a 04:27 PM
Making any team or attending an event that you can get good film from has a lot of value. Good film doesn't mean running past a slow girl and scoring a goal. Good film is a fast paced clip surrounded by talented competition.
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