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I just found out that on top of the $1700 fee to fl$, we have to pay another fee for each of the 4 summer tournaments. Another $350. Are these guys kidding? What am I paying $1700 for???? fl$ is a rip off!

I find it amazing that someone like Lacrosse Magazine would highlight MW as someone who is changing youth sports "for the better." MW claims in the article that he "he didn't like what was going on in the pay for play model" and that is why he started fl$. Are you kidding me? You are the "pay for play" model. You took money form "key contributors" and put their kids on teams when other more talented kids got cut. You are the most expensive "pay for play" program on Long Island.

MW "doesn't believe in travel lacrosse until the 7th grade." This is such hypocritical garbage. What about your teams below 7th grade? What about fl$ lite?

MW also wants to take credit for his "charity" work done for the Roosevelt program. Maybe lacrosse magazine should check with it's own local board at the Long Island Metropolitan Lacrosse Foundation to see who really helped the Roosevelt kids. Charlie Russo is the person who really helped Roosevelt.