Team 91 used to be a organization to be proud of . That's not the case any longer . They will cheat , take away playing time from kids, pull last minute shenanigans at games /tournaments . Yesterday many parents and teams said they are fed up with team 91. We need to stop going to their events and just let them bury their reputation . The entire organization is a joke. Bunch of holdbacks, coaches that play their kids in all levels , and just unfair teamwork . Anyone who is new to their league will not be happy . They run the show . You think you have your kid in the best you are sadly mistaken . Good luck . Express is another money maker. All these top A clubs same . Unless your kid is top stud your kid will not be gaining anything but a win in tournament . Playing and learning at this age is what will get your son a chance later to play in college /high school. Keep going to these clubs and watching your kid get wasted away, by the time he gets older and he won't want or make it because he played so much early and his body is run down . Sad we lost grip of what lacrosse is all about . I commend the parents that don't feed into these clubs .