Igloo beat team Long Island by a bunch at Legacy tourney. Igloo also beat up on Express and Legacy. TLI was about Equal with all the teams that were there. Express Cudas, Outlaws, TLI and Legacy (Legacy had the four best wolves playing with them that day) were all about the same in talent and the games were all close ranging from 1 to 3 goal games. We have yet to see 91, Express Wolves, Igloo B and Icon this year. From what it looks like they will all be about the same as the rest of the A teams except for Igloo who is much better than everyone else. I am not an Igloo parent and don't like them but they are the best 2021 team so far. Time will tell.
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Igloo better enjoy their final days up top reality is coming straight at AA. TLI is legit,Express is MUCH improved and 91 has a little surprise for AA that he will have no answers for.