I have registered my son to play spring with the Jesters. $250 includes spring games and practices, uniform, shooting shirt and a headwrapz for the helmet. Tournaments will be split based on team size. so all that factored in you are still making out great compared to say Team 91 which is $1300. Before anyone jumps all over me about Team 91 I think they are a fantastic team and maybe in a year or two my son will tryout, but right now I am now even sure how many tournaments he can play in that have 2nd grade divisions. There is plenty of time for Elite teams in the future. I think that exposing him to some other kids besides the ones on his team and some new experiences will be all he needs to make him love the game even more and have some fun this spring summe, in second grade that is all I am really looking for because if he hates the game I wont need an elite team.