During this morning, we received a message from one of our message board contributors that in part included the following:

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As a mother of a 13 year old that plays defense, I know that as a defensive player, he along with his other defensemen are the last line before the goal. They are the defenders in front of the goalie. It seems so important today that a lax players shot has to be 90mph, or faster. Why?? My son loves the game as do we, we love to watch and know that he has that type of personality where he will do anything to stop the attack. I don't think it is necessary for a player to shoot a lax ball at over 90mph at a net or goalie, maybe we should all take it down a few notches. Maybe how fast you shoot a ball should not be so important.
This private discussion brought back the days of High School Physics :

Force = Mass x Acceleration.

Our private message is correct that the ability to "rip a shot" has increased in the younger age groups thanks to technology advances such as lighter sticks and heads.

So, it would seem that since we cannot tell players to "shoot softer", isn't the answer that a lighter weight ball, particularly at the youth ages, is needed?