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Obviously, an extremely sad turn of events. I feel horrible for his family. My son is the same age as this young man and he is a laxer also and he actually was the one who found the story online in my house. The 1st thing my son said was "Dad, I wonder if he had a good pair of shoulder pads with a heart guard protection."

Point is good equipment can possibility help prevent something like this, but you truly never do know. But, at MOST games/tournament there is NOT an EMT/Ambulance presence WHATSOEVER! Also, coaches should be required to be trained in CPR or the ability to use AED's.

It thought that an AED had to be at all sporting events in NY-that piece of equipment is the difference between life and death. We have an amazing group on LI that donates AEDs and educates communities. The Louis Acampora group-they lost a son to similar circumstances- I believe he was around the same age-13. We have parents on both our travel and school teams that have AEDs and bring them to all games.