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The parameters being:
- Uniform and shooting shirt only.
- 2 Qualified coaches
- 5 Summer Tournaments
- 10 practices.

How much extra for Helmets? Gloves? Bags?

What percentage should Fall, Winter and Spring League be marked up to cover overhead?

If there really is someone out there that can put in the time and effort needed with zero profit, God bless them.

Our town offers this except for full uniforms (shorts, penny, 2 warm-up jerseys) and only 4 tournaments for $750. 3 local and 1 away. Coaches do get paid (not sure how much) and their travel costs are covered.

Breaking down the $750.00


Based on an average of $1,300/tournament with a 22 player roster that works out to about $60/player

Coaches Hotel - 2 nights
Based on $150/night divided by 22 players

That leaves $345 times 22 players which equals $7,590.00

Let's assume practice fields are free and the Directors are volunteers and all that is left is coaches fees.

$7,590.00 divided by 2 = $3,795.00 per coach for 4 weekends, 10 practices and all the associated planning. Easily 100 hours of time so at best the coaches can make $38/hr with no benefits.

Remember - practice costs and Directors profit are $0.00 in this breakdown.

$750.00 is a huge bargain