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What happens when the town team of 18 girls the 4 best girls decide to plau for their yj and tg teams and 2 others decide to play for their title xi team. Now the towm team is left with 12 girls and no goalie. No what? Leave the spring to pal?

Here is my thoughts on youth town sports. Teach fundamentals and love of the game. Be apart of the local school program as a feeder program so the players can have the best possible experience in high school and girls can grow up playing together and have fun. Some times adults can feally really ruin things.

Leave pal alone. it is a good program. there is no need for an additional spring league.

PAL is a waste of time

At least they now allow for an A division in 5th and 6th grades. Of course you must live in a town whose PAL director will allow the teams to be split up as A and B teams in those grades as well. Luckily our town allows it and it and we had a league with the A teams from Manhasset, C.S.H., Massapequa, Northport, Garden City, S.W.R. etc. It was really good competition for the teams.