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So my son is in K-1 league for town now. He is older for his grade and will be in first grade next year turning 7 in Nov. While still learning, he appears to be a bit ahead of the other kids on his team. I am trying to drive him in the right direction while keeping him interested. He loves the game but is on the boarder of getting bored with the "baby" practices. Couple of questions I am looking for feedback on? Too early to move him up with older kids? He loves the tourney play, so what are thoughts on travel for next year. He will be in first grade, age 7 for next spring... Too early for Team 91, Express, LI Revolution, Igloo????

Never too early. I would make a tape and send it to some 2nd grade coaches and shop him around. Right now focus is on school and other skills. Can he stay in lines when he colors? Does he know how to work the safety scissors? Is he alert after nap time? Can he tie his cleats by himself? These are things the schools are really looking for. And of course size and speed. It seems you have reclassed him once already. If not biggest, fastest kid on field, I would leave him back one more year at least!!