I think the sage was speaking more along the lines of the P.A.L. sort of league that could incorporate nassau and suffolk , and maybe the 5 boors. If we go along that thought, a governing body would have to be established and get in contact with each town to coordinate some sort os system along the lines of the state high school system. Teams play each other in smaller areas , winners play winners of other areas close by culminating in some sort of all island tourney to decide a champion.

As far as ruling out a season for soccer , forget about it . Soccer plays all year , and I'm sure the governing body for soccer will not start or end a season for lacrosse . so why should lacrosse do it for soccer. My opinion is there are millions of soccer players all over the country. Every state has hundreds of soccer leagues, Lacrosse is a long Island thing , were really good at it. the way i see it your kid can be a drop in the ocean playing soccer , or a drop in the bucket playing lacrosse. Forget soccer let the moms in Iowa produce soccer stars lets stick to lacrosse on Long Island Were good at it
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This seems like a huge uphill battle.

Lax is a spring sport in school and I believe most people are of the mind set that Club lacrosse should not interfere. If I am correct in that assumption than the league can be in the Fall or Summer.

I think the Fall is out due to Football and Soccer.

I think the Summer is out because the Tournament circuit is too well established. Especially for the HS player because most are geared to be Showcase for college recruiting.

I don't know how soccer developed, but it seems the economic structure of Lacrosse on LI has usurped the ability to go to a league. I also think the current college recruiting "pathway" will make people leery of changing to a league format.