Depending on your goals, I am not sure that Travel soccer is the model that you want to follow. There are very different results. The things that attract players to lacrosse are that lacrosse is different. Participation level with lacrosse grows as time moves along. With soccer it is the opposite. Towns can start off with 3 or 4 teams, but when they hit high school they may only have one. What kids like about lacrosse in the early stages is that it is only one season and it is just about playing the game.

With soccer, the kids love that they have the same team all year. With the exception of a few players most love the social aspects of soccer. Their is a clear identity. Over time, for many kids that wears thin.
In the early years a lot of kids given the choice to pick one sport would pick soccer especially on the girls side. The focus at the younger level should be on player development and less about the score. Nobody cares or remembers what a 9 or 10 year old did or for that matter a 12 year old team. This is where there is an opportunity missed, everyone is focused in on getting to the maximum competition level at the earliest age possible. If you ask kids in college their opinion you would get very different answers on their views.