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I am also very satisfied with the entire process, my initial post is a look from the "other side of the coin".
Fortunately, we are able to provide this opportunity to our daughter, and now our son.
We are involved with a really great bunch of kids, parents and coaches.
It is my belief that between strong academics and athletics, my kids will be offered some the chance to attend more prominent schools after HS.
That being said, the original purpose of my strategy raising kids is to be able to provide them with opportunities that will assist them in positioning themselves for a solid career after HS and college.
Its all about being there for the kids, and sometimes sacrificing a bit for them also.....its a very difficult and competitive world out there. This whole experience certainly is making my kids stronger....

You notice that I have not mentioned what club's my daughter and son play for....lol....

Unspoken commitment, that seems like a smart move. If you don't belong to a certain club (xyz), parents will crucify you. It is amazing how brain washed the parents of some clubs are, its seriously a cult mentality. Sounds like you have your head on straight and have a realistic view of the whole thing. Good luck to you and your kids in lacrosse, enjoy the ride!