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Hey Mr. Resentment. We love guys like you, you always are the ones punching the drywall at the end. LOL. You are humorous. "my on age beast" "We'll never stop" "my kid has confidence" my, my , my, I , I, I. Give me an L, give me an O, give me an S, i think you get it.

L.O.S....."S" !! As in a complete "loss" for words to describe the pathetic low return gaming that is employed in the greater belt area. (But allow me to try! )

A larger percentage of the "keep up with the cheating at lax Jonses" will fail in their pursuit to gain a great advantage in recruitment in the holdback attempt process. What do you all do then? Spend another year in 13th grade at 40-50k and try again?

You see; kids like ours on Long Island make their way without the hold back process. Plain and simple and statistically verifiable. This "process" was initiated in other sports but the greater well off lax parent community saw that their little boys couldn't match up with the best of the tristate area. Thus the dive into the holdback system with great hopes in mind.

I feel somewhat sorry for you all where you're spending or have spent so much private school dollars and have yet to realize that return you had so feverishly prayed for.

What should I do with all of the possible PG and private school money that I saved when my just turned 15 yo freshman in public school was committed ast fall to a top 8 seeded team in the current ncaa D1 tourney?

Did he achieve that with mommy and daddy getting on their knees and servicing the private school coach of their choice and filling the schools coffers with yet more coin?

No. He did it the old fashioned way. Hard work. Dedication. Discipline. Self confidence. And with those; he gained self respect and that of his peers.

If your 2017 or older kid doesn't have these concepts drilled into the fabric of his life by now; he never will. And that makes you a failure as a parent.

no amount of PG holdback cheating money can ever be worth more than those values.

Invest wisely, my friends. Paving the road for your kid to have an easy path does not always yield the returns that the above principles will.

Now....back to your spelling bee cheer. Repeat it aloud as you look in the mirror tomorrow morning.

check the rosters of the quarterfinal teams. start with duke. Their starting mid/att are all hold backs or pg. ND leading scorer is a PG. Hopkins, well i don't even need to look.

Imagine the money your true 2017 could have gotten if you reclassed him?