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My girls have been playing for two years with beginners sticks (now 3rd grade), which are much better than the boys starter sticks I have seen. Some of girls have $100+ sticks. Am I doing them a disservice by having them continue to use starter sticks and not upgrading them to better (i.e. more expansive) sticks ? At this age will it make that much of a difference?

It's not usually the equipment, its the operator but everyone has a custom stick and a $100 pair of colorful cleats with a matching backpack. welcome to LI

I remember my daughter's first custom stick. $120 head, $30 string kit, $20 string fee, custom dye, name and school lettering $40, some crazy shaft, tape, butt etc... Tax $300plus. Now it sits in the bottom of the closet under 4 others just like it. My advice is just make sure your daughters stick has a good set of strings with a proper tied pocket. The really cheap starters can be like tennis rackets, and many of the string jobs from the lacrosse stores are even worse than that.