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1. McDonogh (Md.)
2. Manhasset (N.Y.)
3. Moorestown (N.J.)
4. Harriton (Pa.)
5. Maryvale Prep (Md.)
6. St. Anthony's (N.Y.)
7. Mt. Sinai (N.Y.)
8. Farmingdale (N.Y.)
9. Bryn Mawr (Md.)
10. Milton (Ga.)
11. Marriotts Ridge (Md.)
12. Vero Beach (Fla.)
13. St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Va.)
14. Georgetown Visitation (D.C.)
15. Bay Shore (N.Y.)
16. Garden City (N.Y.)
17. Darien (Conn.)
18. St. Paul's (Md.)
19. Good Counsel (Md.)
20. New Canaan (Conn.)
21. Notre Dame (Mass.)
22. Suffern (N.Y.)
23. Loyola (Ill.)
24. Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.)
25. Notre Dame Prep (Md.)

They have Mt Sinai ahead of Bayshore, Farmingdale, Garden City, Suffern? I will give you they are a good team in their own division with a few special players, but this is kinda silly.

Silly? Silly would mean that Mt. Sinai would have no chance against those teams. I would imagine that you never saw the team. There are many players who are committed to D 1 schools. FYI, The JV team was undefeated last year as well. That should tell you that there is some depth there as well. They are a very good program and can play with the best of them.

I have seen every team I mentioned play including Mt Sinai (last year) and give you they are close, but not ahead of those mentioned. They did very well in their division, but that is the problem with this and every poll out there, you try to compare teams from different divisions, states and regions. Lots of wiggle room, so now your down to opinion and politics.