Many top "A" players play at global but I agree the teams are "B" level. Having said that it has been a great league and very fun. It is winter lacrosse so I don't mind playing against "B" teams on a field that is about four times the size of Syosset. Winter lacrosse is to have fun and get ready for spring. These "A" teams you talk about have player missing on any given day or may have had kids that are not even plaing on the winter team. Who cares which league is better just make sure the kids have fun !!!

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Global league is PAL "B" talent, at best. 8-9yo's play at 9pm.

Global reports wins, losses, score, goals for, goals against and total (season) goal differential. 100% Unnecessary.

Posting all that crap just leads to idiots talking trash on BOTC. The 2013 Hub winter league used the same system as Global for their score postings and all the idiots on here ran their mouths.

If your team is any good people will know it, you don't need to tell them.