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Global league is PAL "B" talent, at best. 8-9yo's play at 9pm.

Global reports wins, losses, score, goals for, goals against and total (season) goal differential. 100% Unnecessary.

Posting all that crap just leads to idiots talking trash on BOTC. The 2013 Hub winter league used the same system as Global for their score postings and all the idiots on here ran their mouths.

If your team is any good people will know it, you don't need to tell them.

It's not "B" level talent! It's coaches who understand the importance of having a schedule that is put out in advance and stuck to during the season. Kids these days should be playing other sports and this allows them to. I don't see anyone running their mouth on the Globall thread! Just the idiots that over pay to play in a poorly run league. My son's team played in Rockstar last year and we learned that it was poorly run. My son's team plays at Globall this year and they play early on Friday night or early Sunday morning, leaving plenty of time to play basketball or get school work done, or be a kid and go hang out with friends!

I see kids with all kinds of travel team helmets, 91, Express, Jeesters, Icon, Igloo, to name a few, on the players of these town teams playing in Globall. The coaches are going above and beyond to keep these kids playing. You have to remember, just cause you spend more doesn't mean you get more! Enjoy not knowing if your game will be played or won't be played until you show up and leave the other winter leagues out of it!