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NCPAL is run on the honor system.... with that said many are not honorable.....
The boys towns that put "A" teams into the 5&6th grade divisions will only play against "A" teams . They all request to be in that division so they will have games against equally skilled teams. They are the towns that are not looking to be in div 2 and beat up on everyone . By entering into the "A" div. they are making their second and third teams that should be balanced weaker teams. You will most likely find them in div 2 and 3. Most towns will have a large drop off from the "A" team to their second team and so on. in the rare instance that the second team is strong that town should place that team into div 1. Is it a perfect system ..... Only if the directors control the crazy coaches that want to stack teams and put them in div 2 to beat up on everyone. Since NCPAL is now on the Horizon system. They have computer printouts of last years team records. Now they can look at a teams record from last year and see if they pounded everyone they played. Now they can ignore the coaches request to stay in that lower division and move them up to the higher division where they belong. You should see an improvement this year. As a director in my town I request a team be moved down if they only have 2 wins and move them up if they have 2 losses.

Honor System??

Three Village was sending "A" teams to beat up on everyone for years. I guess they are one of the leagues that you term not honorable.