It will be interesting. In the PAL format I don't see a lot of rosters changing. I can only speak for my son's team but I don't think their is anyone born before August 31 (the cut-off). Football uses a December 1 cut off which would have a big impact on the rosters (a lot of the better, bigger and more physical kids are September, October, etc. born the previous year but held back). Not sure why they use August 31 but then again I can't figure out why baseball uses April as the cut-off. Have to think someone has a lot of kids born in May. In our area, a lot of parents hold their kids back who are born in September, October and so on. Some of them, well, a lot of them, I don't understand. I know a lot of these kids and they are articulate (can't be a school problem) and very few of them are "small" so I can't see that argument. I would think a kid who was born before August 31 and is held back is held back for a legitimate reason (learning issues) and the parents probably have bigger and more important issues than getting their kid to the lacrosse field on Saturday.