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I don't get it. If I am a high school Junior who has played for Express, or some other program and I have committed to a college early, why would I join this team instead of staying with the Express. If I've been recruited as a soph or jr, odds are I'm happy with the program that got me there
Fine. So you might not be a target player for this team. Occasionally, you will see upper-High School aged teams with many committed players start to unwind, particularly during the Senior season. Some players may be seeking an option to play for a half season or more and this program presents one option to the market.

This also opens up opportunities on the team for new uncommitted kids to get into the program. College coaches don't want to see committed kids playing. Express does committed teams too. I would think the current 2015 fl$ team will be broken up now with half those kids playing for the committted team and the remainder uncommitted kids playing with new kids who are also uncommitted and taking the spots of the committed 2015s who are now with the new team. Makes sense.