No problem with paying fees for try outs. Team 91 charged $50 and to me, that's reasonable. Don't think I'd pay $75 or $125 just because of the name of the team. I just ask that my kid get a fair chance to be seen in the drills and scrimmages. It's up to him once he's on the field. I think to ask for a evaluation form of your kids strengths and weaknesses is missing the point. It's a try out for open spots, not an evaluation session. The teams are there to find the best kids with the limited time they have to see them. If you want an evaluation, get him into a camp or training where it will be provided.

I try not to worry about any particular team's ecomonics because it's not my business what they are making or not making. I'm also looking at the yearly fees and what my kid will get in return as far as the number/quality of tournaments, coaching credentials, gear, practices, etc. To me, that's were the real value comes into the equation.

One thing I learned early on is that even though you are trying out for a team, you'd be foolish to think that every spot on every team was open. The teams go into the season with a list of kids they want or who have already been offered spots. The number of slots open per team is anyones guess and I'm sure changes year to year. If your kid has a good try out, they will find a place for him. Maybe not on the team you want, but they offer to have him in the organization.