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Also it is important to recognize that the groups and/or clubs are still performing a service for these kids even though it may be paid for that service. I think they should be permitted to use the fields (with a permit ifrequired) at no cost.

"At no cost"?

Those days are winding down if not already over my friend. Municipalities and school districts cannot afford such benevolence. In the old days you could do a lot of things, including using fields, at no cost. You could also organize 5K races and parades, etc. as long as your motives were pure. Today parade organizers pay for cop/sanitation overtime and organizations who want to use fields pay for them as well. As a taxpayer I don't want a private company using our fields for nothing. We have to maintain them, not to mention village maintenacne having to pick up the water bottles, garbage and everything else left behind after practices or tournamnets. Fields are there to be used by kids -- agree 100% -- but no such thing as a free lunch in today's day and age.