Hannah Burnett
High School: Huntington High School
Graduation Year: 2013
Position: attack and occasionally midfield
College Choice: The University of Florida.
Club Affiliation: Long Island Yellow Jacket 2013 Blue team.
Major lacrosse honors: Received the All-County award in tenth grade, and made Metro Two for National School Girls summer 2011.
Academic honors: "I currently have a 94 GPA and have made the high honor roll twice in high school and have been on the honor roll every other quarter. Also in high school I received a scholar athlete award in ninth and tenth grade. I also received the St. Johns Science and Mathematics award."

Major service project: "I will be participating in a trip to New Orleans to help with the damage they are still dealing with regarding Hurricane Katrina. I am a member of Habitat for Humanity and this is one of the many places we go to help with devastation from natural disasters."