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Just got an email from a D3 coach who is interested in my son. The last two statements he made in the email and I quote:

"Are you playing a different sport this fall? If you are keep at it, playing different sports will make you a better lax player"

"How are your grades" Remember, schoolwork comes first!

I think that about sums it up

Not so fast! Of course the gades are important. Still not convivced about the other sports. My son will stop playing football to minimize the chance of a severe injury, as many of his teamates have suffered, concusion, torn ligaments and broken bones. My other son stopped soccer because that to, is a money grab, maybe worse than lacrosse, and there is too much overlap in season. Got tired of coaches constantly being pissed off at my kid. My sons now play pick up games of various other sports with friends. Since Lacrosse has become year round. They have practices and tournaments year long. We no longer will have race from one pracice/game to another, changing in the car. Lacrosse is the sport they love the most, so we are committed to that. My older son, who is committed to college, was actually cautioned about playing other sports with high injury potential by his college coach. I do realize that an injury can occur in any sport, but my sons will both play lacrosse in college, so to risk injury from a sport other than lacrosse is too risky .