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Let's not forget many of these opportunities to play year round are not good for our kids. Many are just playing on the parents emotions and convincing them they need to play year round to "make it". Look at how many there are now. They are multiplying exponentially. Some proven ones are good but there are many that are poorly run by unqualified people strictly to make money. I know this happens in any free market system but it's fairly new to lacrosse. Simple said...beware.

I would say this is happening in lots of sports. My kids and their friends all seem to be playing soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball year round. If your kid, bows out of a season,, or even a month of training, the coaches often make it seem like they will fall behind... in some cases they may, but in most cases they will not and will have a better spirit for taking time off, and hopefully playing another sport that will keep them conditioned. You have to follow your kid and listen to them and encourage them to listen to their body as well. Kids can burn out mentally and physically. I think a lot of people are forgetting the bigger picture- these kids need to study, as well as rest- they will not all be professional athletes.