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This is a good idea but I imagine it would be a lot easier to do for teams that stay local for their tournaments as opposed to those that travel out of state. The out of state tournament landscape is changing all of the time, with certain tournaments falling out of favor more and more each year (e.g. Tri-State) and others gaining in popularity each year. This is difficult to predict at the time of tryouts especially if a club is looking for the most competitive tournaments. I pretty much assume my June and July are shot at this point. Two recurring themes seemed to pop up on this site relative to tryouts: coaching staff beyond the top or A team; and tryout fees for, some reason. The clubs that posted their entire staff seemed to receive the most positive responses as opposed to those who did not. There is one other item which I think is important to mention for people considering the move to travel lacrosse - hotel and associated travel fees. This has been the biggest killer for us the past two years and can easily exceed the tuition by a factor of two, once all is tallied. I dont think it is the responsibility of the clubs to point this out on their tryout flyers, of course but it is a subject that sort of gets lost in the wash of the whole tuition fee discussion.
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I would like to see proposed tournament schedules for the next year, even including fall/winter. Some organizations (I think legacy,millon) have already started doing that. Having all optional items/dates listed as well could help one find the best fit for their child and schedule.

Actually, the Legacy Club does that. They have a packet online and one they gave to the parents on Saturday that outlines everything.