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Why is it every year tryouts seem to be announced a little earlier than the previous year? And does anyone change their dates to match earliest program?
M&D had the earliest tryouts last year and it seems as though the other clubs are following suit. Surprised any club puts tryouts before the summer tourney season is over honestly. Some Girls found out about M&D tryout results AT MidAtlantic last year and it wasn't pretty...

That's a good point. However, you also need to consider that any kid serious about switching teams will have already worked in with them during the season.

The unfortunate reality is that for most top clubs, tryouts are really only for B teams. Most coaches already know who they want on their team.

This process tends to work well. When it doesn't work is when a top team doesn't have its tryouts on the first week. Then you have more kids turn down already accepted offers.