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It happens and we all know it. There are kids on all level teams that it happens with… not the reason certain teams are better. The top teams just prioritize lacrosse first. Could lacrosse do something to change it- yes. Will they- no. It’s all about recruiting kids in the same graduation class.
Every Other sport figures it out, and it Absolutly makes a difference especially at the younger ages. Don’t think it doesn’t really matter or you are part of this problem of incentivizing cheating and stealing spots and coaching from appropriate aged kids.
I think it is hysterical that m&d wont(can’t) play in certain tournaments because it goes by us lax rules and not Chris Robinson’s rules
We all should be loud about this to Chris to change Ngll rules or the problem is just going to get worse

It’s hilarious that you’re acting like the issue with holdbacks is a direct result of the Robinsons when it’s pervasive in lax.. They are no where near the only team that potentially benefits from the age rules - get over it.