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Your kids only have 4 years of high school. Tell them to go where they can play. It's more fun to play.

Trust me.

This. X10

My son and his teammates were “recruited” by both large and small miaa programs. For perspective, they all started for a top 2-3 AAA club team in 8th grade.

His friends chose 2 larger programs. My son chose a smaller program.

His friends all started for their Fresh Soph Teams or rode pine for JV. My son started and contributed for his JV Team.

Having seen the level of play and coaching at both, I couldn’t be happier he missed the Fresh Soph mess and got to do JV and play against good competition.

The program’s V coach told my son at the end of the season he is projecting to be V as a sophomore with a chance to contribute. His friends will likely be shooting for JV again as sophomores.

I couldn’t be happier with the decision he made. And I must admit, I thought it was a dense one a year ago.

Correct. Go to a school aligned with where your kids talent level will get him on the field. This is the correct thing to do in my opinion.

Great discussion. I hope 7th grade parents and younger are reading this post. Unfortunately many 8th graders will fall into the "Ride the Pine Swamp" @ LB, BL, McD, CHC, StP & StM. Education about the academics & athletics at a school is critical.