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Clearly changes need to be made on the varsity level.college rules need to be in play and we could all agree it not easy being a ref but they need in influx of youth and IMO women have have played the game.An old man giving out yellow cards who never played lacrosse and can’t run down the field is not acceptable for the girls and landscape of li lax
I agree there is an urgent need of young qualified officials. i'm not sure anything will change soon since nobody wants to officiate. Some of the current officials are so immobile they try to make calls from 30 yards away because they can't run the field. Players have gotten faster and stronger but the officiating has not kept pace. I am in no way bashing the officials we just need more and younger. Also the HS rules need serious attention. The game is played on an entirely different level in college and it's beautiful to watch, hs girls not so much.