If your kid is an on age 2026 player, congratulations to him and to you for having him play up against older kids in the 2026 division. It’s great that he’s able to play up and compete. He will be better off in high school. So can we stop the never ending holdback discussions and just tell yourself and your son that he’s playing up one age level and be proud of it? Yes, my son is on age 14 year old 8th grader. No, not a crabs parent.

Congratulate on age players for playing up even though it’s where they should be. That is everything that’s wrong with the sport of lacrosse wrapped up in one sentence.

- your reply is actually what’s wrong. It is what it is. Either hold your kid back or change how you think about it. Otherwise, you’re just complaining to complain. Yes, I understand it’s not “fair” but it’s the way the rules work, so accept it or do something about it.