If you can't understand this, it might be time to stop commenting on shooting statistics. Obviously, you want a player to have the highest "shot percentage" as possible. But contrary to what some people on here seem to think, you want that coupled with the lowest possible "shot on goal" percentage. The vast majority of shots not on goal, go riffling out of bounds and every single good team will have that shot backed up with a defender, meaning they will get possession back. It is a harmless take. Shots on goal that do not end up as a score, are saves by the goalie, often in the stick, or knocked down and pounced on, or best case scenario, it gets reflected out to field players as a 50/50 ball. Think about this... you take any player shooting percentage at 50%, would you rather see a player shoot 100 shots, 100% on goal for 50 goals? or a player shoot 100 shots, 50% on goal with 50 goals (meaning every shot on goal went in)? Please recognize it is the latter. The very best players have always shot for just inside the post or cross bar. If you can't squeak it in, better to have it go out of bounds.