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Outside observer...don't find it to be rude. Not everyone has the info at hand, and it's just as easy to go to each club's website for this information. As long as it took that person to post on here, they could have gone to M&D, Hero's, etc site and found out the info. Hero's has it on their front page for goodness sake.

They need to advertise front page because there is going to be alot of Heros' girls at M&D tryouts. Every position is up for grabs now![/quote]
Really? You think? I can’t see Heros Green girls trying out. Maybe? I bet they will have tryouts during the week like last year and not on the actual tryout day. The MDU goalie dad has made it clear his daughter will be at the Heros green tryout and M and D black team. He was positioning himself well with all the parents this past weekend. He has the Little man annoying syndrome.