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Watching the game, it was clear that Heros is stronger and should have easily won the game, they out played M&D all but the last few minutes.

What was confusing was their sudden breakdown. One player decides to go to goal (and passes it to the goalie) vs maintain "a burn the clock strategy" that was working perfectly, and then there was an attack player shouting negative comments to her defensive teammates while they were under a lot of pressure. Something you would not expect from top ranked team.

The last 5 minutes of Both the BLC/M&D and Heros/M&D were the craziest breakdowns of teams I have seen in a long time.

M&D must have scored at least 14-15 goals with the same play over the weekend. But if no one can stop it, then why stop doing it???

Good luck to the girls this weekend....

"Should have won easily" ?

Yet M&D continues to win.

M&D has now beaten Hero’s 7 games in a row

Same Ol’ story for Heros against M&D. Don’t take care of the ball, out hustled on ground balls, selfish play on offense, poor midfield defense. A lot of talent on Heros but not playing to their potential. Fun game to watch.

Hero's is just fine.

Good teams lose games. It's their first loss of the spring. People need to get used to close games and occasional losses as the girls get older. At this age these Maryland teams play 50 plus games a year.

Hero's will win their share of tournaments this year.