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Looking at the 8 teams in the NGLL tournament, who's gonna pull this out?

Eagle Stix

Aces and Madskilz on one half, Eagle and M&D on the other

I'm gonna call Eagle vs Madskilz final. Eagle winning it.

With that being said, I think it's a shame Eagle and M&D are on same side. As they are the 2 best teams.

I didn't mention the other 4 teams out of respect for the beatings they are going to take.

I am picking an M&D / Aces final.


Don't understand the love for Madskillz. They have one win against a top 15 team over the past 2 years... A 5-4 win over BLC this winter.

Yes, they are the most athletic team at this age group... and by a lot. But they turn the ball over waay too much and aren't disciplined on defense with too much ball watching. 80% of their goals are on fast breaks off the draw and transition goals off turnovers. This is why they blowout top teams and play closer games against more disciplined teams.

Game plan against them is pretty clear. Stop the fast break off the draw then slow the tempo to get them into a settled play game. Their set play offense is nowhere near the quality of the other top 4 teams, at a minimum

I really think Aces beats them by at least 5.

Final will come down to officiating. If the refs let them play, I think its a close game. If they call it tight, especially with the way Aces gets physical on cutters, I could see it turning into a 12-6 kinda game.