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Week 1: In 3 years who will be the top 5 Maryland 2028 girls teams (in order of strength)?

Too many what ifs to do a full ranking for me...

I think the most complete teams will continue to add talent and grow (MandD and Heros)

The wild cards will be whether or not the "typical" progression of events of middle school to HS club lax happen or not...

Will MDUs top players leave as has happened in the past, or are the confident and Content enough to stick together?

Will Coppermine be able to sell their new product enough to keep their talent? And how many soccer places will jump ship?

Will skywalkers follow the normal path of collecting talent over the next 2 years and emerging in HS as a top contender? (I assume they will absorb Crush talent, they don't even have a HS team.)
I believe. M&D, Hero's, Skywalkers, Maryland United, and Coppermine Central will all be there with Crush being the wild card. A little further out I would include Coppermine North as a wild card as I believe they will be the premier club for Harford County.