That is not entirely true. The top girls will still stand out. This isn't high school tryouts. If you think there aren't better girls out there than the bottom half of the roster you are mistaken. You don't think in NGLL the coaches already noticed the top girls on other teams and will be happy to learn that they are coming to try out? Teams want to get better and that means taking the best girls. Some of the girls who have played for the big teams since the beginning (2nd or 3rd grade) but haven't deveolped or put kn the work may find themselves out of a roster spot. That is just a part of competition. And as a parent on that team, you should WANT the coaches looking for the best off season additions, not sitting back while other teams get better.[/quote]

But you don't think the coaches have already reached out to top girls on other teams? Coaches obviously want more talent, but the amount of talent truly assessed is not what you think it is.[/quote]

As in poaching? I don't know that they would be reaching out unsolicited at this age. Maybe in high school.