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I'm looking for input as to what age to make the financial and time commitment to one of these elite lacrosse clubs. I have been effectively scared into thinking that if my daughter does not join by about the 7th grade that she will have a difficult time making the top team.
This is one of the reasons that BOTC Industries wants to hear what the LAX community is saying about what is happening in our own backyeard. Using words like "scared" is a sign that not enough information is available to our LAX community. Fear comes from a lack of information being available.

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I'm also told that paying these outrageous fees are the gateway to scholarships. That these clubs are very well connected and the tournaments are the only way to be seen by the right college coaches.
Back of the Cage is trying to "open the kimono" on the college scholarship world in lacrosse. Providing visibility to costs, college scholarships, and local programs is one of the missions for BOTC. Offering clear and well documented choice based on facts is what BOTC is committed to delivering.

Your inputs, Hammer and everyone, is critical to this process. Please continue letting us hear what you have to say!