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This should come to no surprise to anyone who knows the Rebels coach. He is the same guy who stayed in the B bracket for PAL to avoid teams like West I, GC and Manhasset etc who all play in the A.

Yeah, because traveling from Mt Sinai to GC and Manhasset for 6th grade PAL is a great way to spend a Sunday. Are you really taking shots at a guy for his 12 year old PAL team’s schedule? You must be real fun at parties.

Plus the fact that they would have been absolutely crushed by Manhasset, West Islip, Garden City, and one particular player on Wantagh. They would stand no chance at anything that resembles a competitive game.

The ignorance and lies that floats around this forum could sink a ship. Between the premature spring rankings based on one tournament and the horrendous tournament predictions, this site, and this forum particularly, is just a train wreck of parents living vicariously through their sons.

Let’s recap the nonsense in the last month or so.

1. Someone randomly claiming the Christian Koehler tournament was canceled. The poster knew it wasn’t. But felt the need to falsely say it was. Keep in mind this is a tournament that raises money and was originated in honor of a child that lost their life. You’re about as mature as your child. And if you don’t have a child in 6th grade and you’re on this board, you’re pathetic. Just saying.

2. People making predictions about the outcomes of said tournament. May I ask why? If you don’t have in depth knowledge of the teams, please just be quiet. Only one team in that tournament was in the A division and that is the team that won.

3. Someone bashing East Islip for not joining A division. Like the above mentioned PAL team being shamed, East Islip would lose almost every single game in the A division. Kudos to their coach for matching them up with similar talent.

4 People ripping the rebels style of defense without an in-depth knowledge of the coaches and style of play over the course of a season. Why do you care? Is it a genuine concern for the rebels kids long term development? Is it a concern for the money the parents are paying for that style of coaching? No it isn’t. So less is more. Nobody on that team would read your posts and say “oh garbage Johnny is being taught the wrong style of defense.”

5. People stating legacy is on a downward spiral because they lost one team to the rebels. They are good. They are coached well. They are not going anywhere. They are a well above average A team on Long Island with some quality players. Just let it be.

I could go on and on but I’m thinking based on maturity levels here, and the lack of ability to maintain attention longer than a Tik Tok video, I should break this up into segments. I’ll be back to call out ridiculous claims, uneducated predictions, and bitter post tournament analysis in the near future.
Till next time….[/quote]

Great write up! But without all the made up nonsense this forum would be useless! Not that it isn’t useless already but makes for a good laugh.