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Breakers is trying to form a 2028 team again, they have tryout for free this weekend. I haven’t heard from Koopers. We were on before they folded. We will be at breakers. So far low numbers signed up.

Breakers will be lucky to form a team , and then lucky if they will be able to play at Single A level. I would go rec with Cockeysville , etc before Breakers.

The problem with Breakers is that the new ownership (3Step I think) really is not investing in the staff or the program. I don't know how active or intentional this is, but there used to be (2013 to the 2026 class) a buzz about the program even if it was generally second tier AA/AAA. The 2024s even played WSYL. Since the corporate acquisition, the brand just seems to be DOA, which does not attract lax players or their parents. The people running the club day-to-day are good people and are fairly transparent. I'd be cautious because the ownership's intent for the program is not really known.

As others have said, there are a number of basic rec club options in the area with good coaches and good kids. Kelly Post (B team), LTLC, Cockeysville are all solid....it is worth asking each one if they intend to continue past 8th grade.

At the 2028 level, I would guess that Koopers and Predators will both be running at St. Pauls next year, both at some mix of AA or AAA, whatever those mean anymore. Koopers would have run this year if they would have secured a coach earlier in the summer. Whatever you think of their on the field results, families are very loyal to the club.

Questions I would ask, based on our (few years ago) experience at A-level ball (as the boys move towards elite, these become bare minimums):
1) Is the current coach under contract for next year? (be wary if they won't name the coach)
2) Does the club have a lease on turf fields for the entire year (Sept 1 to June 30)?
3) What does the club do in the winter, and does that cost extra?
4) What is the max roster size anticipated?

These are excellent questions. Maybe it's implicit in #2, but I would also ask about practice locations, as driving 45+ mins each way multiple times/week (especially on weeknights) is not fun.

I wasn't even thinking about that, but that's a great point. It would be hard to do with more than 1-2 kids, but I could see if there was a unique fit with a team or coach, I might make that drive. But not at A level, or really even AAA level, ball. Without throwing any clubs under the bus here, there are definitely those who have said "Oh yeah we've got US Lacrosse leased all year, no need to ask any more questions about that!" and then within 30 days the boys are practicing on an unlit grass field in another county, a full hour away.